Rock River Jazz Band

We support live music and all musical organizations that keep
the music going.

The Rock River Jazz Band is a 12 to 18 piece jazz band that
specializes in music from the Big Band Era, but can also play
Progressive Jazz  as well as  music from artists like
Brian Setzer, Stevie Wonder & groups like Chicago, and we
can even throw in a good Polka or two if you like.

We are available for Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events,
Summer Festivals, and any number of Private Venues.

To book this band please contact:

Rock River Jazz Band Booking Agent at  
Rock River Jazz Band
Cell Phone (815) 499-9426
We are the Rock River Jazz Band and we  
perform Saturday Night Jazz and Big Band
Concerts at Grandon Civic Center

In the past we were known as the Sterling
Municipal Jazz Band, but we have always
been the Rock River Jazz Band, run by
Cathy & Jon James

2019 Rock River
Jazz Band Concerts

July 13th -
Mambo Mash

July 27th - Big Band Night

We are looking for sponsors as we are no
longer performing for the Sterling
Municipal Band

If you would like to sponsor a portion of a
concert or an entire concert, please con
Cathy James
(815) 499-9426
Sterling     Municipal    
Symphony     Band